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  1. Headband Drew

    Headband Drew11 hours ago

    Imagine being this dumb lol 😂 17 baybeee!!!! 🔥💜💛🏆

  2. Edi Lesinger

    Edi Lesinger11 hours ago


  3. Derrick Hamilton

    Derrick Hamilton11 hours ago

    I think this kids gotta future. Lol

  4. Kong Yang

    Kong Yang11 hours ago

    Aaron Rodgers will win his 2nd ring this year!!!

  5. GreenBayGod4871

    GreenBayGod487111 hours ago

    LeBron goes to the Heat: everyone hates him Kevin Durant goes to GS: everyone hates him James Harden wants to go to Brooklyn: everyone else wants it to Him going to the Nets is a horrible move, all 3 stars have to have the ball, chemistry issues, Harden's legacy would hurt if he did, staying in Houston is the best option

  6. Chef John

    Chef John11 hours ago

    Stfu perk, hakeem won 2 chips..

  7. 88Crager

    88Crager11 hours ago

    It's time for NFC east to clean house


    ENDLESS11 hours ago

    Stephen A. - “you should almost not be aloud to talk about this!” Max - 😑 Me - 😂🤣

  9. Mist GoCrazy

    Mist GoCrazy11 hours ago

    Their gonna bring in alot more fans with cp3 in Phoenix they might be able to up their nacho game so charles will come to games

  10. Remus_009

    Remus_00911 hours ago

    Welp I don't expect anything from either teams

  11. CA DZ

    CA DZ11 hours ago

    Man I've always said Perkins the most carried player he might actually make Hof and he wasn't even that good. And he gets cooked by max

  12. Lobo7 #Celtics

    Lobo7 #Celtics11 hours ago

    Did Max just say he doesn’t know if AD is better than the Freak.....cmon man 🤣

  13. New Man

    New Man11 hours ago

    No cause sterling sharp is not

  14. Derek Carter

    Derek Carter11 hours ago

    It's not Gase. It wasnt Bowles. It's the Owners and GM. You take Gase and put him on the Chiefs and hes a winner.

  15. Michael Johnson

    Michael Johnson11 hours ago

    They chose to play without a QB. Could have signed Kap. He still out there and I’m sure he would have got at least 10 completions

  16. Chosen One 203

    Chosen One 20311 hours ago

    Credit to the Suns....other Franchises such as the Knicks, Timberwolves, Magic, Kings need to take notes....CP3 said he wanted to come because of not only the team talent but the STAFF! Monte Williams, James Jones, Willie Green....all former players. Players relate more to other players. NBA Franchises need to start hiring more NBA Vets and I'm talking about Management and high level positions not just coaching staff positions!

  17. Jason Mays

    Jason Mays11 hours ago

    PG has been blaming others for his shortcomings for most of his career, instead of taking responsibility. Clippers will be exposed this up coming Season.

  18. patrick patrick

    patrick patrick11 hours ago

    Pg done ...clippers done , lucky if they make playoff

  19. Horus The Savior

    Horus The Savior11 hours ago


  20. Michael Antonio

    Michael Antonio11 hours ago

    Felt bad for Mike but given Buster's heart and the pain and sweat that he went through.. it's only fitting he won this one

  21. Megan & Daniel Hauger

    Megan & Daniel Hauger11 hours ago

    I was saying the same thing Stephan A

  22. Esoteric Guru

    Esoteric Guru11 hours ago

    LeBron my favorite but I love this dude.

  23. Mist GoCrazy

    Mist GoCrazy11 hours ago

    This is what the media jokes were talking about with the “doing poorly with interviews” No he’s giving them answers they can’t twist like the media loves to do and hate it

  24. Filipe Almeida

    Filipe Almeida11 hours ago

    Giannis has to come to Toronto and form a Canadian dynasty with Fred, OG, and Siakam.

  25. michal studzinski

    michal studzinski11 hours ago

    Very vocal.. 🤦‍♂️

  26. Courtland Bell

    Courtland Bell11 hours ago

    All yall laughing and making jokes imagine 50 years from now its normal to have a X amount of females and males on a team and females actually can kick in 50 years. It would be a "wow I witness that moment" to your daughter instead of you telling them you laughed. Ugly kick but more importantly its history to see any first gender or race break a barrier no matter what it is

  27. Isaiah Parker

    Isaiah Parker11 hours ago

    this man Kawhi got a software update

  28. Nick995

    Nick99511 hours ago

    This a no brainer . Jon wall is getting nearly $41 mil a year and he hasn’t played since 2017. Crazy for Houston to trade for Jon wall.

  29. ChrisNemo

    ChrisNemo11 hours ago

    Every time Max brings up Nikola Mirotic I just 🙄

  30. Say Less

    Say Less11 hours ago

    Perkins: I dont trust Paul George PG: your now my worst enemy

  31. certified_Reid

    certified_Reid11 hours ago

    It’s evident James harden has to change his game he’s horrible he’s only a stat sheet stuffer 🤷🏿‍♂️

  32. Piolo Lucenas

    Piolo Lucenas11 hours ago

    Man I want to see Giannis along with Jrue

  33. Warren Designs

    Warren Designs11 hours ago

    How does James Harden make Kevin and (Kylie) better than Lebron, AD and the surrounding cast

  34. Keenan Suherman

    Keenan Suherman11 hours ago

    How does max still have a job

  35. jimmy5634

    jimmy563411 hours ago

    The most significant question is does Mel Kiper look like the real life model for the characters in “Angry Birds?” Rawwwk!

  36. Davide M. Gomez

    Davide M. Gomez11 hours ago

    I like max but he has made the brogdon argument so many times for crying out loud, stuff from a year ago

  37. D Dawkins

    D Dawkins11 hours ago

    Cupcake Kevin

  38. Joe Black

    Joe Black11 hours ago

    Hey jackrabbit Jay williams ... I guess you don't know football remember that guy name Golf on the rams and what Jeff fisher had us to believe. Full stop . The coach of the jets is a clown s nose.

  39. mrknicklez

    mrknicklez11 hours ago

    Wait we didn't see this show two years In a row for Boston either??

  40. on porpuse

    on porpuse11 hours ago

    Why kp lookin like a roasted turkey out there

  41. Ashvin Raj

    Ashvin Raj11 hours ago

    Perkins disagrees and that's exactly why he's a pathetic player

  42. AAL

    AAL11 hours ago

    I wonder if Kendrick actually doesn't like max or something because he disagrees with close to everything this man says. Steven A doesn't even do that and they're supposed to disagree

  43. Big Sarge

    Big Sarge11 hours ago


  44. kefkapalazzo1

    kefkapalazzo111 hours ago

    doc rivers is insanely overrated by the players and the media, but Georges comments were out of bounds.

  45. J w

    J w11 hours ago

    who says black coaches arent getting shots, plenty of african americans are coaches and have been. How bout getting more white players in the nba, we need more white players in the nba

  46. Willie Vickers

    Willie Vickers11 hours ago

    Snoop called it to the tee..... And the Lakers win the championship..

  47. J w

    J w11 hours ago

    people tsink kevin durant gonna still be who he used to be, I dont think durant will be who he used to be. He may be very good but not the young durant

  48. Mike diz Larrance

    Mike diz Larrance11 hours ago

    Ben Simmons is 6’10 and they want 3s from him thats crazy just a mid his enough and I know he can do that

  49. James Winny

    James Winny11 hours ago

    Lebron’s is more important because AD might not have signed if Lebron didn’t.

  50. caracasaltavista

    caracasaltavista11 hours ago

    This dude is so weak.....So glad the lakers didn't signed this dude..... yikes

  51. Derek Carter

    Derek Carter11 hours ago

    Lebron has his rings why?????? Because he chased super teams for every one.

  52. Mike diz Larrance

    Mike diz Larrance11 hours ago

    Thier so many players in the league and they keep calling james harden a man amongst boys how the season didn’t even start

  53. ZikryAfiq

    ZikryAfiq11 hours ago

    Giannis gonna stay with the Bucks. He didnt say hes gonna leave. What he is saying is he is open for any superstar to JOIN HIM. Not the other way around.

  54. Raphael XOXOXO

    Raphael XOXOXO11 hours ago


  55. Mike diz Larrance

    Mike diz Larrance11 hours ago

    Even team is away from thier home but the raptors is different what is going in thier heads i swear idk why I watch this they just testing thier English or something

  56. Raphael XOXOXO

    Raphael XOXOXO11 hours ago


  57. Elliott Wilson

    Elliott Wilson11 hours ago

    People keep forgetting Chauncey Billups is an assistant coach, thats a big Plus

  58. Anuvong Phaisith

    Anuvong Phaisith11 hours ago

    Matt Barnes was ready for those questions

  59. Mike diz Larrance

    Mike diz Larrance11 hours ago

    They don’t talk about John wall then blame us fans the man been injured omg I can’t with these bums

  60. Apple OfHisEye

    Apple OfHisEye11 hours ago

    Thumbs up for Matt Barnes only. Lol

  61. Srihaas Paruchuru

    Srihaas Paruchuru11 hours ago

    What is Paul pierce smoking? He has proper takes all of a sudden??

  62. jxaron

    jxaron11 hours ago

    Paul wants to see the bucks on playoffs ? its just one year since he became a meme with celtics-bucks

  63. Harry Lamptey

    Harry Lamptey11 hours ago

    Why everybody disrespecting Paul George

  64. ZiggyMilla

    ZiggyMilla11 hours ago

    Lamelo sounds like he has been ready for this all his life. Lavar and Tina did a great JoB

  65. Oscar Tango

    Oscar Tango11 hours ago

    😂😂....this show is the best

  66. mikhial muir

    mikhial muir11 hours ago

    Doc has blown 3, 3-1 leads so you can do with that info what you will

  67. Prince Sledge

    Prince Sledge11 hours ago

    I think it is a good deal for Houston. Basketball at this level is not just on the court. There are off the court things that translate onto thr hardwood. Wall and Boogie are going to bring a solid energy to the locker room. Russ is an amazing teammate in and off the court but if he wants out he can't be effective. Plus what if Harden wants out, the Rockets want a foundation to build from.

  68. KEV !

    KEV !11 hours ago

    max is forgetting about portland’s backcourt

  69. BOOM BRO

    BOOM BRO11 hours ago

    When I saw the title and the thumbnail I lost it already hahahaha “I believe In the browns not Baler Mayfield” haha n then the faces oh my gosh bro 😂😂😂😂 And Max with the “hah, well I don’t know what ur arguing!” 💀💀💀

  70. Goodbboy Jonny

    Goodbboy Jonny11 hours ago

    Katharine Anne Hnida score a filed goal in the early 2000 . but u never did a report on that until u got woke u clowns

  71. Kyle Dossett

    Kyle Dossett11 hours ago

    I can't believe max said Simmons has better handles then lebron.

  72. Chauncey Curtis

    Chauncey Curtis11 hours ago

    Glad Georgetown not wasting his talent anymore.

  73. J Peart

    J Peart11 hours ago


  74. Ej Handy

    Ej Handy11 hours ago

    James harden to the pelicans for Brandon Ingram Eric Bledsoe Kira Lewis 4 future first round picks

  75. Johannes Wu

    Johannes Wu11 hours ago

    I mean it’s weird for PG to say that, it was working well for them until the Nuggets got them. So..... Docs decision throughout the season was a decent one.

  76. will smith

    will smith11 hours ago

    I like doc, but he really isnt the greatest coach. look at what has happened. kg pp ra rr, won that no matter what coach, after that i cant crown doc for being bill belichek

  77. Tarek Aoudeh

    Tarek Aoudeh11 hours ago

    Let him stay and let them see how he meshes with Wall. If they turn out to be the 1-2 punch they meant him and Westbrook to be then they can add someone in the big free agency next year or unload some players and picks for someone else in a trade. Maybe even Giannis if they do well enough since he's looking to win rings now. They aren't a small market team. They could make real moves here. This trade is underrated. This year for many teams is about making their team presentable for the Greek Freak. 2 of the 3 teams in Texas have a shot.

  78. Jer Mo

    Jer Mo11 hours ago

    Russell WestZard!!!